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Export images to approprite folder

Exporting images in different resolutions is very nice feature. But it can be more nice if you export them to appropriate folders. for example in android there are different screen sizes like hdpi, mdpi, xhdpi etc.. now Avocode will export images to these resolutions, But the images are exported into single folder. for android we have different drawable folders for different resolutions. hdpi images will be under 'drawable-hdpi' folder, and xhdpi images will be under 'drawable-xhdpi' folder. This is something what https://zeplin.io/ does.

Currently we have to rename exported images and move to corresponding folders. If you can bring this feature in Avocode that will be very useful to developers like me.
Thanks in advance . :)

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We have added a feature for saving exported image assets into separate folders. When you add a common slash / in front of the image asset name, it will add it into a special folder. For example, when you name an asset: /2x/image – Avocode will create a folder “2x” and add the asset called “image” inside. If the folder “2x” already exists, Avocode will simply select it and insert the asset called “image” inside. This is especially handy for saving assets in different resolutions in separate folders.

Happy Avocoding!

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    At the moment, Avocode exports all assets from every project into one single folder, unless changed in the project's options, could it be that by default, it would create a new folder under the name of the project inside of the default Avocode export folder?

    - Avocode Assets
    --- Coca Cola
    --- Pepsi
    --- Ford Trucks
    --- Apple

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